Halcyon Days Enamels
Greenfield Halcyon Days Enamels $ 155.00
City of London Halcyon Days Enamels $295.00
Ford’s Model T Halcyon Days Enamels $198.00
Tate Gallery Halcyon Days Enamels $ 325.00
Chrissy Wilson Ballet Shoes Halcyon Days Enamels $ 180.00
The Casino, Monte Carlo Halcyon Days Enamels $ 225.00
Shakespeare’s Portrait Halcyon Days Enamels Was $345  Now $299
Charlotte Square Halcyon Days Enamels $195.00
Cliveden -The Tea Room Halcyon Days Enamels $325.00
American Revolution Halcyon Days Enamels Was $325  Now $299
Christopher Columbus Halcyon Days Enamels Was $350  Now $300
St. James Place Halcyon Days Enamels $135.00
British Memorial Garden Halcyon Days Enamels $ 345.00
Kykuit Mansion Halcyon Days Enamels $295.00
Westminster Bridge Halcyon Days Enamels $180.00
Isambard Kingdom Brunel Halcyon Days Enamels Was $715  Now $625
Seated Dancer Halcyon Days Enamels $ 275.00
Vintage American Flag Halcyon Days Enamels $ 200.00
Smithsonian 4th of July Halcyon Days Enamels Was $225 Now $200
American Flag Halcyon Days Enamels $ 190.00
Mark Hampton’s 4th of July Halcyon Days Enamels $ 200.00
next next next next The Casino, Monte Carlo (03/3720) 2.25" diameter. Inside: "The Casino, Monte Carlo after a pencil & watercolour by Paul Hogarth RA 1986" Greenfield  (02/1704)  Oval 2.12".  (Connecticut Church) No. 28 Charlotte Square  (02/6400) 2.12" Diameter. Inside: "No 28 Charlotte Square home of The National Trust for Scotland designed by Robert Adam in 1792" Limited Edition of 250. Has a Certificate of Authenticity. St. James Place  (02/7869)  2.12" oval.  Wealth Management Place in the UK. Made exclusively for St. James Place (2005) 10 yr anniversary. Shakespeare's Portrait (23/8227) 2.5" x 1.5" rectangle. Inside: "William Shakespeare After a painting attributed to John Taylor (circa 1610) called the Chandos Portrait   It was the first portrait acquired by the National Portrait Gallery" Limited Edition City of London (33/4276)  2" diameter. (1989)  800th anniversary of the Mayoralty of th city of London. Tate Gallery (10/628)  2.25" x 1.75". (1980) Part of a museum series of 5. Limited Edition of 250. Cliveden - The Tea Room (Halcyon Days) 1.62" diameter x 2" H. Inside:"THE TEA ROOM SPRING COTTAGE CLIVEDEN" British Memorial Garden New York (23/8613)  2.5" x 1.5" Rectangle.  Inside Lid: "Reflect, Remember, Rebuild..."  Inside base: British Memorial Garden New York" Limited Edition of 150. British Memorial Garden New York Inside Picture Chrissy Wilson Ballet Shoes (65/8687) 1.25" square. Inside:"Ballet Shoes After an original painting by Chrissy Wilson". American Revolution box (Halcyon Days) 2.25" diamemter x 2" H. Inside: "In a word, Sir, the gallantry and conduct of the officers, as well as the bravery of the soldiers, deserve the highest praise." Major-General Howe, Battle of Bunker's Hill, June 17, Christopher Columbus (58/8242) 2" x 2" square. Limited Edition of 250. Henry Ford's Model T (02/8885)  Oval 2.12". (2008) Limited Edition of 250.
Kykuit Mansion (03/6575) 2.25" diameter. Inside Lid: "KYKUIT Home to four generations of the Rockefeller family, the beaux-arts villa, built in 1913, houses an exceptional collection of antique and modern works of art. KyKuit is noted for its dramatic hil
Isambard Kingdom Brunel (11/8203)  3.25" x 2.5" x 1.25".  Sides: Great Western, Box Tunnel, Thames Tunnel, Royal Albert Bridge. Limited Edition of 150.
Westminster Bridge A London Gift (02/1827) 2.12" diameter Oval. Inside Lid: "Replica of an 18th century Bilston enamel box"
Seated Dancer (23/6379) 2.5" x 1.5" rectangular. Inscription inside lid and base has the H stamp The Hermitage Museum Collection. Limited Edition 500
Vintage American Flag & Constitution (64/9537)  2" x .5" x 1.25".  American Flag  (64/6775)  2" x .5" x 1.25"  (2001) Smithsonian 4th of July (23/7294)  2.5" x 1.5" rectangle. Limited Edition of 100.
Mark Hampton's 4th of July (64/8250) 2" x .5" x 1.25"  (2006)
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