Halcyon Days Enamels
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Cliveden -The Tea Room Halcyon Days $325.00
Cliveden -Suzy-Ann Halcyon Days $185.00
Greenfield Halcyon Days $155.00
Kykuit Mansion Halcyon Days $295.00
Westminster Bridge Halcyon Days $180.00
St. Louis Gateway Arch Halcyon Days $175.00
British Memorial Garden Halcyon Days $345.00
Alfriston House Halcyon Days $220.00
Christopher Columbus Halcyon Days Was $350 Now $250
Vintage American Flag Halcyon Days Was $200 Now $140
Remington Indian Brave Halcyon Days Was $300 Now $210
Empire State Building Halcyon Days Was $295 Now $199
Sweet Flowering Raspberry Halcyon Days $198.00
Stephenson’s Rocket CC Halcyon Days $275.00
Love of the Garden Halcyon Days $190.00
Ford’s Model T Halcyon Days Enamels $198.00
Queen Mother Sanguine Halcyon Days $260.00
QE II Golden Wedding Halcyon Days Was $350 Now $295
QE II Golden Jubilee Floral Halcyon Days $345.00
Tower of London (Beefeater) Halcyon Days $225.00
Changing of Guard Halcyon Days $225.00
Trooping Colour Tall Halcyon Days $275.00
Tower of London Halcyon Days $225.00
Kensington Palace Gates Halcyon Days $225.00
Greenfield  (02/1704)  Oval 2.12".  (Connecticut Church) Kykuit Mansion (03/6575) 2.25" diameter. Inside Lid: "KYKUIT Home to four generations of the Rockefeller family, the beaux-arts villa, built in 1913, houses an exceptional collection of antique and modern works of art. Westminster Bridge A London Gift (02/1827) 2.12" diameter Oval. Inside Lid: "Replica of an 18th century Bilston enamel box" St. Louis Gateway Arch (Halcyon Days) 2.12" Oval. Inside Script: "Gateway to the West Saint Louis Missouri 1987" British Memorial Garden New York (23/8613)  2.5" x 1.5" Rectangle.  Inside Lid: "Reflect, Remember, Rebuild..."  Inside base: British Memorial Garden New York" Limited Edition of 150. British Memorial Garden New York Inside Picture Alfriston House (Halcyon Days)  2.12" Oval Inside Lid Script:"To Commemorate the Centenary of The National Trust" Inside base Script see Photo. Limited Edition 750 & Certificate of Authenticity. Alfriston House Inside Photo - Outside Base "The National Trust protects over 300 historic houses and gardens as well as over half a million acres of land." Christopher Columbus (58/8242) 2" x 2" square. Limited Edition of 250. Vintage American Flag & Constitution (64/9537)  2" x .5" x 1.25".  Remington Indian Brave (58/9567) 2" square. 150th anniversary of Frederic Remington's birth. Inside lid: Another Indian Scout on horseback. Limited Edition of 150. Empire State Building (23/8328)  2.5" x 1.5" Rectangle. Limited Editon of 250. Stephenson's Rocket (64/9083) Rectangle 2" length. (Collector's Circle) Limited Edition of 75. Mrs. Delaney's Flowering Raspberry (02/8631)  2.12" oval. British Museum "Sweet Flowering Raspberry". Love of the Garden (64/8737)  2" x 1.5". (2007). Henry Ford's Model T (02/8885)  Oval 2.12". (2008) Limited Edition of 250. Cliveden - The Tea Room (Halcyon Days) 1.62" diameter x 2" H. Inside:"THE TEA ROOM SPRING COTTAGE CLIVEDEN" Cliveden "Suzy-Ann" Halcyon Days (02/5850) 2.12" Oval. Inside Lid Script: "'Suzy-Ann' CLIVEDEN" Suzy-Ann Cliveden Inside Lid Queen Mother 100th Sanguine (02/6291) 2.12" oval. Inside Lid: " A tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother in her Centenary year 1900 - 2000. (Coat of Arms drawing) Certificate of Authenticity. Original portrait by Molly Bishop. QE II Golden Wedding (23/5197) 2.5" x 1.5". Inside Lid: "A tribute to The Queen and Prince Philip on the 50th Anniversary of their wedding at Westminster Abbey on 20th November 1947" LE 1000 w/certificate. QE II Golden Jubilee Floral (33/6700)  2" diameter. (2002) Limited Edition of 750. Tower of London (Beefeater)  (01/2556)  1.62" x 1.75". Changing of Guard  (01/2067)  1.62" x 1.75".  Buckingham Palace The Tower of London Halcyon Days (01/8979) 1.62" diameter. Historical Royal Palaces. Certificate of Authenticity. See Inside Photo for more details. The Tower of London Inside lid and base. The Tower of London - Names of scenes painted around the base. Kensignton Palace Gates (64/8684) 2" x 1.5" Limited Edition 250 with Certificate of Authenticity . Inside lid and base Kensington Palace Gates Kensington Palace Gates Bottom of Base
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