Thoroughbred Halcyon Days Enamels $175.00
Harvest Mouse Halcyon Days Enamels Was $140  Now $120
Northern Pintail Halcyon Days Enamels $155.00
Lion Flower Halcyon Days Enamels Was $275  Now $199
Elephant Halcyon Days Enamels Was $198 Now $150
Sea Horses Marshall Enamels $140.00
White Stallion Halcyon Days Enamels Was $175  Now $145
Bird Bath Halcyon Days Enamels $ 135.00
previous previous previous previous Thoroughbred  (25/8952)  1.5" diameter.  (2008) White Stallion (Medium Green base) 1.25" diameter. Inside Lid: Painted 2 horse shoes. Sea Horses Inside Photo Sea Horses (15/067) 1" x 1.25" H. Decorated base. Screwable/Twist Lid. Inside Lid: Painted crab. When This You See Remember Me Elephant (64/86540 2" x 1.5" Rectangle.  (2007) Lion Flower (03/B&B/Halcyon Days) 2.25" diameter. Inside Lid: "lion flower from a painting by Fleur Cowles"  Limited Edition of 250 w/Certificate of Authenticity. (Small yellow dot under the word flower inside the lid.)  Harvest Mouse (01/0314) Bilston & Battersea/Halcyon Days -  1.62" diameter. Inside Lid: Mouse on wheat drawing/painting. Harvest Mouse Inside Lid Bird Bath (Halcyon Days) 1.62" diameter. Inside: Line drawing of a bird on a branch. Designed by Halcyon Days/Bilston & Battersea Enamels) Northern Pintail Duck (02/Halcyon) 2.12" Oval. Inside Lid: "Northern Pintail (Male symbol) ANAS ACUTA ACUTA"
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